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Aero Composites and Structures is unique in that 80 years of combined aviation composites knowledge and experience of the owners has come together under one roof. We excel in repair tooling and product development while employing a highly experienced workforce.

ACS was founded in 2008 by Glen Daugherty, Ed Schauer, and Russ Oonk.  Having worked together at other companies for 10 years prior and establishing a bond and respect for one another, the owners desired to build a company focused on steady controlled growth with a long term vision of success.  The core belief of unity and family the owners strive for is evident with our mix of employees who have worked with the owners previously plus our new hires who are trained and encouraged to grow with our company.  The knowledge and expertise of the owners to make decisions that benefit and position ACS for long term growth has proven well to build our business "OUR" way.  We are proud to say Aero Composites and Structures, although a proven established business today, has many years of growth and milestones to look forward to.  We hope the loyal customers today and the new partners around the corner will share our story as we continue to evolve in the exciting world of Aviation. 

Original owners have been together for 19 years
Continue to re-invest in ACS
Loyal workforce
Culture of unity and family